Communicating feelings and stories, using creative images, is something that I feel I need to do. I have always been interested in real-life stories, but I frequently fictionalize them. In the past years, I have been focusing more on showing life for what it is, using non-fiction media because I believe it to be more impactful when the subjects are real people.

Since I started writing and producing film and video projects, they have all had a social theme;  the stories of underrepresented communities are something I feel need to be told.

Making films is a form of research for me, and I want to share my findings with others. This is how I make my contribution to society.

Documentaries are a very powerful medium. Thanks to them, the wrongfully incarcerated have been freed from prison, murderers have been found, artists have been discovered, history is made visible, etc. In other words, documentaries create culture, give hope and make the world a better place to live.

I am making this documentary with the hope that it will help spread the word, so that more programs like El Sistema and organizations like MusAid will be created around the world and will have a social impact on it.

Emanuele Michetti, writer, director